Being dedicated to motorcycle drag racing and, more specifically, Harley Davidson drag racing, a portion of Arch Manufacturing’s efforts - Arch Racing Components - are geared toward producing race oriented parts to support the sport. 

We manufacture many internal H-D based high performance internal and external engine components used some of the fastest V-Twins on the planet as well as various chassis and control items.  Below are some examples of these items with a full catalog coming soon.  Contact ustoday for more information.



In August 2000, Greg made his first pass down the drag strip on his street bike.  From that day forward, he was hooked.  He found the sport he loved.  Since then, the different race bikes evolved and have culminated in the efforts to build the current Outlaw Street Bike you see here.  Greg has been competing on a national level for 10 years with the AMRA (American Motorcycle Racing Association) sanctioning body along with NHRA Screaming Eagle Series, when schedules permit. His hobby/obsession has led to several product developments that have furthered the sport and raised the competition bar.